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Scheme Architecture and Design Office was officially established in Isfahan in 2017 after more than a decade of professional activity of its members. The second branch of Scheme Architecture Studio was opened in Mashhad in 2019 and cooperates with Tos Ravin Structural Consulting Engineers in designing and implementing projects all over Iran. The third branch of this design office was established in 2022 with the approach of architectural design, interior design and urban and landscape design in the city of Muscat, Oman, with the cooperation of Theemar structural and construction consulting engineers.

Today, this company is guided and managed by Engineer Shima Vahdeparast and Engineer Behrouz Jahandideh in iran-Esfahan and Mohammed alshidi in Oan-Muscat.

One of the outstanding advantages of the company is the permanent and continuous presence of senior managers, deputies and supervisors of different departments from the time of establishment until now, which, while creating a wide and diverse portfolio, directly benefits employers due to the presence of managers and designers with 10 to 10 years of work experience. It will be 25 years.

Scheme design offices (Isfahan head office plus Mashhad and Muscat-Oman office) are currently proud to have more than 30 experienced engineers in various specialties and provide extensive design services, phase one, phase two, and excellent supervision. And ... in various uses such as residential, commercial, office, urban design, urban development (parks, green spaces, grounds, urban plazas and tourist complexes) and ...

Scheme studio has about 13 years’ experience in architectural design with 3 branches in Muscat Isfahan and mashhad and many world-wide projects.

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At Scheme Design Architects, we strive to be pioneers in designing practical and sustainable solutions that go above and beyond standard structural experiences. To operate through creativity...

Our Vision

Architecture is a reference profession. Architects shouldn’t try to memorize everything, they only really need to know where to go to reference the information they are looking for...

Our Goals

As an architectural Office we have always considered our First goal to be to provide cutting edge design solutions, always in harmony with the environment, so we specialized in ecological designs and constructions...

Our Values

We like to make decisions and try out ideas on our own. we prefer jobs where we can plan our work with little supervision. We like to work in jobs which have opportunities for Us...